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Suicide Squirrels and the Writing Retreat

  After a writing friend mentioned how she would use the winnings of a recent contest she’d entered to attend a writer’s retreat and reading about writing retreats in an issue of Writer’s Digest, I wrote about creating my own … Continue reading

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What 2015 Will Bring

Most of the blogs I’m following have begun 2015 with laundry lists of what the bloggers plan to accomplish this year. I could easily repeat that pattern and state the same thing those bloggers have said: I resolve to finish my manuscript! … Continue reading

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The Break-Up: Why Part Ways With a Critique Group

The time has come for me to say goodbye to one of my critique groups. Not because I’ve landed that multi-million dollar book deal (I wish!). Not because I’ve moved. And not because it is disbanding. I’ve just come to … Continue reading

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Overcoming Writing Fears

Overcoming Writing Fears.

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The Fear

I call myself a writer of Christian fiction, or a writer of Christian themes. So why, then, was I so afraid to share something I’d written? Just recently, I’d finished my first manuscript, an historical fiction piece set in Tolleston, Indiana (pre-Gary). … Continue reading

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Writing to Writers

Have you ever thought about writing a writer? You know that website on the inside of book jackets? Have you ever used it to tell the author how much you liked—or disliked—their book? Maybe you have and find this question … Continue reading

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