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Steel Mills and Tommy Guns: Gary, Indiana and the Prohibition Era

Gary, Indiana doesn’t quickly come to mind when one thinks of the Prohibition Era in the Midwest. Chicago, Al Capone and the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre are more obvious choices. I’ve heard stories that Gary’s close proximity to Chicago gave those … Continue reading

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Striving After Wind: A Prequel, Part I

This is the prequel to my unpublished historical fiction manuscript, Striving After Wind, which previously appeared at Short Fiction Break. October 1860 Helen Brandt lay on her straw mattress listening to the autumn rainstorm roll across the northern Kentucky countryside. A growl … Continue reading

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Northwest Indiana and the War on the Little Calumet River

Image from “The 20-year War Along the Little Calumet”, The Gary Post-Tribune, November 13, 1955 In my previous post, I stated that Gary, Indiana was my inspiration for some of my written works. My unpublished manuscript, Striving After Wind, tells the … Continue reading

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How to Love Research

  I hated doing research. In high school and undergrad, I had to write research papers. When I pursued my masters degrees in education, I had to do action research. To even do my job as a teacher of the … Continue reading

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Words of Wisdom

I reached my October goal of writing 10,000 words. About 500 of it was for a flash fiction piece that came to mind during a bout of writer’s block. The rest went to the beginnings of a novel that started … Continue reading

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Ten Thousand Words

I have one unpublished manuscript completed. It’s called Striving After Wind, an historical fiction piece that tells how an ex-slave woman’s tragic relationship with a white game warden and a wealthy couple complicates her ability to leave northwest Indiana for the family she’s always … Continue reading

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Book Review: Soldier’s Heart by Tamera Kraft

I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of Tamera Kraft novella, Soldier’s Heart, number 13 in the Murray Pura’s Cry Freedom Civil War Series. At first, the title threw me because I thought it was a story about … Continue reading

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