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This is Gary

Read how one Gary native is using her influence and resources to revitalize Gary, Indiana in a massive vision called This is Gary, Continue reading

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Is Historical Tourism in Northwest Indiana Possible?

In researching my work-in-progress– an historical tale about Prohibition in Gary, Indiana– I came across the Rum Runners Tour in Windsor, Ontario. The tour probed the area’s connection to the Prohibition Era in the United States. On the tour, we drove … Continue reading

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Steel Mills and Tommy Guns: Gary, Indiana and the Prohibition Era

Gary, Indiana doesn’t quickly come to mind when one thinks of the Prohibition Era in the Midwest. Chicago, Al Capone and the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre are more obvious choices. I’ve heard stories that Gary’s close proximity to Chicago gave those … Continue reading

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The Integration Situation: The 1927 Emerson School Boycott

As a special education teacher, I said I would never write a story about teaching or schools. But in researching the history of my hometown of Gary, Indiana, I discovered rich–and sometimes infamous–stories about not only the city itself, but … Continue reading

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St. John’s Lutheran Church: Gary, Indiana’s Oldest Congregation

Thoughts of Gary, Indiana often include ones of the steel mill, the Jackson 5 and hope that the city can bring back the glory days current and former citizens remember. But there is one bit of history that stands out among the usual images … Continue reading

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Digging Through History: Gary, Indiana’s Tolleston Cemetery

At about 17th Avenue and Grant Street in the Tolleston neighborhood of Gary, Indiana lies a forgotten cemetery. Numerous trees and flowering shrubs obscure the few remaining headstones inscribed in German, English and an occasional Cyrillic script. This is Waldheim Cemetery, sometimes called Tolleston Cemetery after … Continue reading

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Northwest Indiana and the War on the Little Calumet River

Image from “The 20-year War Along the Little Calumet”, The Gary Post-Tribune, November 13, 1955 In my previous post, I stated that Gary, Indiana was my inspiration for some of my written works. My unpublished manuscript, Striving After Wind, tells the … Continue reading

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Gary, Indiana: My Writing Inspiration

Since its inception, this blog has been about how I write and my efforts to get published. I’ve had some success. Though I’ve published short stories, a published novel is my ultimate goal. This time I want to discuss the inspiration behind my … Continue reading

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Character Descriptions: A Perspective on “Coloring” to Your Fictional World

There is a pancake house in my area that has the brightest sign on the street. Electric blues, yellows and pinks flash across the screen advertising specials and hours of operation. Among all the other businesses, this restaurant is impossible to … Continue reading

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How to Love Research

  I hated doing research. In high school and undergrad, I had to write research papers. When I pursued my masters degrees in education, I had to do action research. To even do my job as a teacher of the … Continue reading

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