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Putting Characters in Sticky Situations

Image by Sam Catch from Creative Commons When I read Gemini Jones: My Past Came Knocking by Veronica Faye, I thought the premise was great. I’m always skeptical of reading self-published books, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. … Continue reading

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The Break-Up: Why Part Ways With a Critique Group

The time has come for me to say goodbye to one of my critique groups. Not because I’ve landed that multi-million dollar book deal (I wish!). Not because I’ve moved. And not because it is disbanding. I’ve just come to … Continue reading

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New Strategies

I love reading Rachelle Gardner’s blog. She’s a literary agent with Books and Such and regularly dispenses publishing advice via the internet. One of her posts discusses writing methods. Gardner gives examples of how authors go about writing a manuscript. … Continue reading

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Learning From the Pros

After meeting the wonderful and vibrant author Colleen Coble at the Midwest Writers Workshop (MWW13) last weekend, I decided to give reading Christian fiction another try. She’s written a gazillion books that have appeared on best seller lists. Of course, … Continue reading

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