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A Matter of Trust

I’ve written before about how valuable writing critique groups can be. I’ve also written about when it might be time to move on from a group. Today’s post touches on one aspect of critique groups necessary to help members become … Continue reading

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To Be (Or Not To Be) A Socially-Conscious Writer

I’m wrapping up 2014 with a post I’d previously published on the Indiana Writers Consortium blog. Enjoy and see you all in 2015! I don’t consider myself to be a socially-conscious writer. I haven’t blogged about the recent grand jury … Continue reading

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Writing As a Parent of Young Children: Guest Post by Julie Perkins

Since I’m a dog parent, I have few external interruptions to writing. All I have to do is give my babies treats and take them to the potty a few times a day. I wouldn’t have a clue about today’s … Continue reading

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The Break-Up: Why Part Ways With a Critique Group

The time has come for me to say goodbye to one of my critique groups. Not because I’ve landed that multi-million dollar book deal (I wish!). Not because I’ve moved. And not because it is disbanding. I’ve just come to … Continue reading

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The Fear

I call myself a writer of Christian fiction, or a writer of Christian themes. So why, then, was I so afraid to share something I’d written? Just recently, I’d finished my first manuscript, an historical fiction piece set in Tolleston, Indiana (pre-Gary). … Continue reading

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