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Before Pressing the Send Button…

I am a dog lover. For me, my poodle and Corgi are my children. When the time came to find a place to board them for a couple of days, I took my time looking for the right place. I … Continue reading

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Literary Magazines: A Conversation with Blotterature

Literary magazines are a great way for writers to get their work out there and noticed. Today’s post is an interview with Julie Demoff-Larson, senior editor of the lit mag Blotterature. What is Blotterature? JDL: Blotterature is a literary magazine started … Continue reading

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Finding Your Niche: How to Get Readers for Your Work

I’ve heard this term used before, finding one’s niche, when it came to writers marketing themselves. But it wasn’t until I recently attended the Writing Day Workshop in Hoffman Estates, Illinois that I understood what it meant and how it … Continue reading

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Character Descriptions: A Perspective on “Coloring” to Your Fictional World

There is a pancake house in my area that has the brightest sign on the street. Electric blues, yellows and pinks flash across the screen advertising specials and hours of operation. Among all the other businesses, this restaurant is impossible to … Continue reading

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A Matter of Trust

I’ve written before about how valuable writing critique groups can be. I’ve also written about when it might be time to move on from a group. Today’s post touches on one aspect of critique groups necessary to help members become … Continue reading

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7 Steps to Creating Your Own Writing Retreat

While discussing my upcoming writing conferences with one of my critique groups, a friend mentioned how she would use the winnings of a recent contest she’d entered to attend a writer’s retreat. I’d love to do something like that. Imagine … Continue reading

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A Swift Kick in the Pants: On Considering Self-Publishing

I recently facilitated a local book launch event. I was honored to serve in that capacity because 1)I’m excited about all things literary, 2) the event was sponsored by my sorority, so of course, I said yes, and 3) I take … Continue reading

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Boost Your Writing Creativity by Not Writing

The Indiana Writers Consortium recently posted a question on Facebook: What are the top five important pieces of advice to give someone to boost their creativity in their writing? I offered my five: 1. Read as many different genres as … Continue reading

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The Music of My Prose: How Music Inspires Writing

It’s the MUSIC that provides the emotion I need to drive my passion for the characters and the story line. I remember reading the interview of an author– I want to say Stephenie Meyers– in which the author stated they listened … Continue reading

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Paying for Agent Pitch Sessions…I Think Not

   It’s that time of year again! My favorite time, actually. The announcing of upcoming writer conferences. I enjoy attending conferences because I learn something new every time. This year, I want to focus on workshop sessions offering information on … Continue reading

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