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Striving After Wind: A Prequel, Part I

This is the prequel to my unpublished historical fiction manuscript, Striving After Wind, which previously appeared at Short Fiction Break. October 1860 Helen Brandt lay on her straw mattress listening to the autumn rainstorm roll across the northern Kentucky countryside. A growl … Continue reading

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Writing For Children: Guest Post by Bob Moulesong

Image “Little Reader” by Melanie Holtsman from Creative Commons Big thanks to this week’s guest blogger, Bob Moulesong, who graciously volunteered to share his “bumpy path” to publishing children’s fiction. Enjoy!

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My 10 Most Influential Books

Julie Perkins, a writer friend of mine, recently challenged me to list on Facebook ten books that influenced me. I decided that, since she only asked for ten, I couldn’t list all of Toni Morrison’s novels (that was my first inclination). But here … Continue reading

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The Break-Up: Why Part Ways With a Critique Group

The time has come for me to say goodbye to one of my critique groups. Not because I’ve landed that multi-million dollar book deal (I wish!). Not because I’ve moved. And not because it is disbanding. I’ve just come to … Continue reading

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Scam or Marketing Plan?

How do you choose a book to read? Is it the illustration on the cover? A recommendation  made by a friend? Do you read the reviews to help you make a decision? I tend to let the illustration on the book … Continue reading

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The Little Writer That Could

Well, it’s 2014. Time to make new writing goals. I spent last year conferencing, writing, participating in critique groups, pitching to an agent, sending out query letters and racking up rejection letters. But it wasn’t all bad.

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Well, it finally happened. Got the email justifying all those hours I’ve spent hunched over a computer, banging out stories I hope someone other than me will like.  The email that says, “Congratulations. Your submission has been accepted…”

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