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The Light Of the World

Since the Christmas season is upon us, I decided to post the very first piece I ever had published. First appearing in the November  2010 issue of The Lutheran Witness, this nonfiction piece recalls how my childhood fear of fire and candles … Continue reading

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Ten Thousand Words

I have one unpublished manuscript completed. It’s called Striving After Wind, an historical fiction piece that tells how an ex-slave woman’s tragic relationship with a white game warden and a wealthy couple complicates her ability to leave northwest Indiana for the family she’s always … Continue reading

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The Fear

I call myself a writer of Christian fiction, or a writer of Christian themes. So why, then, was I so afraid to share something I’d written? Just recently, I’d finished my first manuscript, an historical fiction piece set in Tolleston, Indiana (pre-Gary). … Continue reading

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A Time to Write

Last weekend, I attended a meeting of the Indiana chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association (ACFW) in Merrillville, Indiana. There I met John Faubion, a writer of Christian suspense. His first novel, Friend Me, is scheduled for publication … Continue reading

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First Steps: Goals

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. A Real. Published. Writer. See my name in print. Anywhere. But I couldn’t just wiggle my nose and think my name will miraculously appear on the cover of a best-selling novel. As a … Continue reading

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