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Striving After Wind: A Prequel, Part I

This is the prequel to my unpublished historical fiction manuscript, Striving After Wind, which previously appeared at Short Fiction Break. October 1860 Helen Brandt lay on her straw mattress listening to the autumn rainstorm roll across the northern Kentucky countryside. A growl … Continue reading

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Literary Magazines: A Conversation with Blotterature

Literary magazines are a great way for writers to get their work out there and noticed. Today’s post is an interview with Julie Demoff-Larson, senior editor of the lit mag Blotterature. What is Blotterature? JDL: Blotterature is a literary magazine started … Continue reading

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St. John’s Lutheran Church: Gary, Indiana’s Oldest Congregation

Thoughts of Gary, Indiana often include ones of the steel mill, the Jackson 5 and hope that the city can bring back the glory days current and former citizens remember. But there is one bit of history that stands out among the usual images … Continue reading

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Finding Your Niche: How to Get Readers for Your Work

I’ve heard this term used before, finding one’s niche, when it came to writers marketing themselves. But it wasn’t until I recently attended the Writing Day Workshop in Hoffman Estates, Illinois that I understood what it meant and how it … Continue reading

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Digging Through History: Gary, Indiana’s Tolleston Cemetery

At about 17th Avenue and Grant Street in the Tolleston neighborhood of Gary, Indiana lies a forgotten cemetery. Numerous trees and flowering shrubs obscure the few remaining headstones inscribed in German, English and an occasional Cyrillic script. This is Waldheim Cemetery, sometimes called Tolleston Cemetery after … Continue reading

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