What 2015 Will Bring


Most of the blogs I’m following have begun 2015 with laundry lists of what the bloggers plan to accomplish this year. I could easily repeat that pattern and state the same thing those bloggers have said:

I resolve to finish my manuscript!

I resolve to spend more time writing!

I resolve to publish at least one short story a month!

Well, I resolve to be more realistic. I’ve achieved the one goal I’d set for myself when I first started writing: to get published. Maybe I should have been more specific when I first set that goal. Like that GEICO commercial where the man wishes for a million bucks and gets– literally– a million “bucks”, as in a bunch of male deer. Maybe I should have said to have a novel published or to be so wildly successful that I never have to write another lesson plan in my life.

But let’s get real.

I am thankful that I’ve had short pieces published. I’m grateful to Jeff Elkins, creator of Short Fiction Break for envisioning a forum for writers just like me to get exposure. But I would love to have a novel published. So what I resolve to do this year is to get serious about writing.

I’m not to the point where self-publishing is an option, only because the marketing end scares the crap out of me. scared kitty

If I can’t even convince my family to get excited about and read my stuff, how am I supposed to convince thousands of perfect strangers to do it?

Maybe that’s my goal. Maybe I need to put a concerted effort toward topics like self-publishing, marketing and shameless self-promotion. If I don’t do it, who else will?

So I resolve to be my biggest cheerleader. I resolve to write because I enjoy it, not living or dying on the subjective cheerleaderopinion of an editor, agent or publisher. I resolve to submit what I write with a prayer to as many appropriate markets as possible. I resolve to take my rejection lumps like a pro.

Hebrews 11:1 says “No, faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” That’s how I resolve to spend 2015.

What about you?





About Michelle McGill-Vargas

Michelle hails from Gary, Indiana where she enjoys writing historical fiction, flash fiction, and short stories. Her writings have appeared in "Lutheran Witness", "Splickety Magazine", "The Copperfield Review", and "Typehouse Literary Magazine." She served as vice-president of the Indiana Writers' Consortium. Until the day her historical fiction manuscripts get published, she pays the bills as a special education administrator with a background in deaf education. In October 2018, she will be a contributor to Concordia Publishing House's quarterly devotional series "Portals of Prayer." Visit her blog at www.michellemcgillvargas.wordpress.com
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2 Responses to What 2015 Will Bring

  1. krystal jane says:

    That is perfect! All we ultimately have control over anyway is how much we write and how well. My family thinks I’m weird, so I’ll die of shock of any of them every read anything I write on their own one day, but there are people out there who like to read the same things I like to read and write. 🙂 I’m not comfortable with the marketing aspect of self-publishing either. The whole concept just makes my stomach hurt. I’ve looked into how other people have done it successfully, but I’m not feeling pulled enough in that direction to look into it seriously right now.

  2. Michelle — just an FYI. The phrase “self-publishing” is considered a negative phrase by those who choose to go that route. They are called Independent Authors who choose to independently publish. There are several indie co-ops I am researching where indie authors market their work. Some report good success for reasonable investments.

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