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How to Love Research

  I hated doing research. In high school and undergrad, I had to write research papers. When I pursued my masters degrees in education, I had to do action research. To even do my job as a teacher of the … Continue reading

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Writing As a Parent of Young Children: Guest Post by Julie Perkins

Since I’m a dog parent, I have few external interruptions to writing. All I have to do is give my babies treats and take them to the potty a few times a day. I wouldn’t have a clue about today’s … Continue reading

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Killing Them Softly (Not): How I Transitioned to Writing Horror

Today I’m blogging at Flying Turtle Publishing. Check out my post at Flying Turtle. Above photo, A Groaning Too Deep For Utterance by bluecinderella, courtesy of Creative Commons.

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The Power of Words

Originally posted on Short Fiction Break:
“Baby, I didn’t mean for it to happen.” Your heart shatters at his words, piercing every inch of your body. They defy gravity, clawing their way up your throat on a river of sour bile.…

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