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My 10 Most Influential Books

Julie Perkins, a writer friend of mine, recently challenged me to list on Facebook ten books that influenced me. I decided that, since she only asked for ten, I couldn’t list all of Toni Morrison’s novels (that was my first inclination). But here … Continue reading

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Putting Characters in Sticky Situations

Image by Sam Catch from Creative Commons When I read Gemini Jones: My Past Came Knocking by Veronica Faye, I thought the premise was great. I’m always skeptical of reading self-published books, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. … Continue reading

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I’m Not Crazy, I’m a Writer!

Image by Sebastien Wiertz from Creative Commons So I’m trolling through my book reviews on Goodreads and come across a comment another reviewer made about The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. The reviewer commented how odd it was for Grissom to … Continue reading

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A Better Place

Originally posted on Short Fiction Break:
(Image by Imran Schah from Creative Commons) “Looks like Costco done upchucked all over your yard.” My eyes roll at the gravelly voice scratching its way over the chain-link fence separating our yards. Mr.…

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