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The Fear

I call myself a writer of Christian fiction, or a writer of Christian themes. So why, then, was I so afraid to share something I’d written? Just recently, I’d finished my first manuscript, an historical fiction piece set in Tolleston, Indiana (pre-Gary). … Continue reading

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Writing to Writers

Have you ever thought about writing a writer? You know that website on the inside of book jackets? Have you ever used it to tell the author how much you liked—or disliked—their book? Maybe you have and find this question … Continue reading

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A Time to Write

Last weekend, I attended a meeting of the Indiana chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers Association (ACFW) in Merrillville, Indiana. There I met John Faubion, a writer of Christian suspense. His first novel, Friend Me, is scheduled for publication … Continue reading

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Learning From the Pros

After meeting the wonderful and vibrant author Colleen Coble at the Midwest Writers Workshop (MWW13) last weekend, I decided to give reading Christian fiction another try. She’s written a gazillion books that have appeared on best seller lists. Of course, … Continue reading

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